Game modes

How to Play League of Legends?

League of Legends is an online multiplayer game for Windows and Mac that puts players in teams with a single goal: to destroy the enemy base. The game is part of the MOBA genre, that is, an online multiplayer battle arena. The LoL, as it is called, is based on fast and dynamic matches, and gives the possibility to choose between several characters to compose their attack forces. Check out now how to play Riot’s MOBA.

How to get into the game?

After downloading and installing League of Legends, in addition to performing your registration, the first step is to enter the game. Open LoL and follow the steps below:

  1. Step 1. At the start screen, fill in your username and password, the same ones used in the registry. Then click “Log In”;
  2. Step 2. In your first entry, you must choose your name in the game, which is different from the login. Define and click “Start”;
  3. Step 3. A basic game will begin to teach you the main concepts of League of Legends. Click “Ok” to begin;

How a game works

Your first match in League of Legends will be only of teachings and only with computer controlled characters. Here’s the basics of what you need to do to get started in the game. Enjoy to see more details on how to get well in the first games.

The Nexus

The Nexus is the ultimate goal of the game. It is located in the center of the enemy base, inside the map, and needs to be destroyed for you to achieve victory. However, the task is not easy, since it is protected by the way by towers, troops and champions of the opposing team. In addition, the Nexus has a long life and it will not always be easy to shred it.

In its base

The game starts with your champion positioned at your base. You need to move with the right click of the mouse, indicating where the character should go. It is not possible to play League of Legends with traditional video game controls, only with the combination of mouse and keyboard. At the bottom of the screen you also check information about the character, as you can see below.

Attacking troops

The troops are soldiers, of their team and of the adversary, who are always controlled by the computer. No player commands them, even in traditional matches, and they are automatically sent from the enemy base to their base, and vice versa. To reach the goal, you must also destroy the troops by right-clicking on the targets.

Use skills

Skills are paramount to get along in a match. They vary greatly from champion to champion. Although they are diverse, the basic operation of all of them is the same: they are activated with the Q, W, E and R buttons on the keyboard. The R, in this case, is always the strongest skill, the so-called “Ultimate”. Skills are obtained as the champion advances level in a match. The higher the level, the stronger they will be. When you gain a new ability, an arrow appears over the corresponding icon in the lower menu. Just click to activate or improve one of them.

Returning to base

Returning to the base is always important for you to recover your life, mana and also buy new items in the store. To do this during the game, press the B button on the keyboard and wait for the loading bar. It is important to warn that the return to base is interrupted if any enemy attacks you at that time.

Buying items

It is possible to buy items in stores within League of Legends matches, but they only last for the match itself and serve to improve your champion – be it in the speed of movement, attack, power, defense, magic, among others. Money is earned by defeating troops, enemy characters or towers. Check out the best items to buy for each type of champion and build your ideal build.

Destroying towers

Towers are the main defenses of enemies in a League of Legends game. They do immense damage against their champion. Therefore, always seek to be protected, behind allied troops or other friendly heroes, while attacking the tower to knock it down. Otherwise, your champion can be slaughtered with ease.

Destroying inhibitors

In addition to the towers, each League of Legends map also has inhibitors, which are buildings that are close to the Nexus. After being destroyed, its troops will gain improvements and will be called “supertropas”, stronger and more resistant. Destroying the inhibitors before the Nexus is required to win the match.

These are the basics of matches in League of Legends. Before starting for the traditional matches, it is important to remember that the levels of the champions also are valid only for each game session itself and are not transferred to other phases.

Game modes

It is worth mentioning that League of Legends has several game modes. After finishing your training / tutorial match, just click on “Play” in the main menu to access all available possibilities.

The most common mode of play is Summoner’s Rift, which is the “official”, five-on-five, on a map with three main routes to reach the enemy base, plus the jungle. This is what is used in official tournaments, but there are other ways. Learn the main details of Summoner’s Rift.

Twisted Treeline comprises in matches with a smaller map, only two routes, and also with three players on each side. ARAM uses five players in each team, but only one route and does not allow you to choose champions – it’s all random.