All about League of Legends

Are those people who do not exchange anything for a good time dedicated to a strategy game that defies its own limits? So this is the ideal article for you. If you still do not know the League of Legends, you will surrender to what is considered the best online game in the world! Get to know it in detail.

The launch of League of Legends

The League of Legends was released in October 2009 by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X and now has over 1.3 billion hours played. It is a spectacular multiplayer game that tests the mental limits of players fighting each other – in teams of various elements – or against the computer.

The True Test of Mental Dexterity

The League of Legends is completely free and aims to destroy the opposing team’s nexus, a kind of “queen” that needs to be protected as in the game of chess.

Each move involves the formation of two equal teams with five players each. Teams begin to play on distinct points on the map, in areas called “Spawning Pool”, which are next to the nexus – one of the teams must give up or one of these spaces be destroyed to declare the winner.

Various levels, countless emotions

It is not easy to be victorious in the League of Legends. Each team will have to overcome various difficulties (destroy towers and enemy lines and defeat opponents) in order to accumulate points and gain additional experiences. All players start the game at level 1 and can reach a maximum of level 30. At each level, you gain more game options and points that will allow you to create new features and gain new skills for each player.

The game modes

Most strategy games do not give rise to boring moments and the League of Legends is no exception. This game also offers the following modalities:

Blind Pick

It is the normal mode of play. In this mode, players can not see the characters that have been selected by the opposing team until the confrontation begins.

Draft Pick

In this mode there is a captain in each team that will forbid three characters from being chosen. Unlike Blind Pick, in this mode it is not possible that the same character is chosen by both teams.

Ranked Solo

This mode has the same system of choice as the Draft Pick. These matches are accounted for by Riot’s points system, called ELO, and the more wins you get, the higher the ELO of each player.

Ranked Team

In this game option each player has a predefined team, and only accumulates ELOs for the team and not for himself.

Co-op vs IA

This modality consists of grouping a team of five elements against the artificial intelligence of a team of computers. This phase is usually used to test the skills of a new player.


The custom mode allows players to customize maps, enemy numbers and, in general, the game they want to play.

The possibility of creating an alter ego

In this game there is the possibility of creating an alter ego according to the tastes of each player. There are more than 70 champion characters available for each move, such as:


She is considered a princess to her people. She is a direct descendant of Avarosa – one of the three legendary sisters who disputed the leadership of the tribes scattered in the north of Valoran. This warrior is a specialist in bow and arrow art, which earned her the title of “Ice Archer”.


He is a powerful runic magician of Zaun, nicknamed Istvaan, who has been imprisoned by ancient magical methods and has deviated from the League’s rules of conduct. He isolated himself within the farthest invocation chamber of the east, practicing the most forbidden rituals of extra-planar invocation. He is a true executioner in the Fields of Justice.


In a distant world, Kayle was a great heroine who destroyed evil and fought decisively for the good of the community. However, her rebellious sister (Morgana) has gained powerful magical allies who threaten Kayle and who she protects.


Ryze is a magician who has traveled all over the world and is inspired by the wisdom of powerful hermits, wizards and shamans. He gets energy thanks to the arcane tattoos that decorate his body and carries a giant and indestructible parchment containing a secret that only he knows.

Some success tips

To make a good figure in the League of Legends there are some extraordinary tips that should be followed:

Always work as a team

If you go through group levels, you will be more likely to survive. Try to chat with another player on your team via chat or skype, and combine combat strategies.

Never hurry to move forward. In a strategy game, haste is your biggest enemy – especially when it comes to liquidating opponents. Study your enemies well and see if they are developing a strategy against you. If you are in a group, the rush to kill only one enemy will not bring you good results.

Earn as much gold as you can. Whenever possible, kill the troops that appear on the way to get a good amount of gold. Then buy articles that can make your strategy easier. To do this, program well your combat strategy and get into battles often.